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Dirk van Lierop & Alejandra Barillas are helping art collectors & investors worldwide with wealth management through exclusive art investments to grow their clients financial capital and improve their clients network with new valuable connections. 

Dirk van Lierop & Alejandra Barillas are international art gallery owners  with years of experience in curating very important exhibitions. They have an extensive international network of specialists within the alternative investment industry and are the natural leaders of THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY representing  the FUTURE ART Movement artists.

Through beautiful exhibitions in their exclusive art gallery at the main street of the Maastricht Art District in the Netherlands,  participation at the most luxurious fairs and by creating unique private events at the houses of very important art collectors they are helping their members to grow their financial capital and improve their network with new valuable connections.           

For exhibition requests,  investment strategies or more information please contact Dirk van Lierop or Alejandra Barillas |
Sint Pieterstraat 48, 6211 JP Maastricht,  the Netherlands | Tel. 0031 6 577 41 801 | E-mail :


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