Home of the FUTURE ART movement
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THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY is the first art organization who involves artists in creating a revolutionary community that is focussed on the love for the newest ART movement: 

FUTURE ART is the new generation Art movement. Very expressionistic, colorfull and open for fantasy. It's dynamic and full of life. Behind the FUTURE ART movement is the ideology and philosophy of  nature, life and revolution. 

HAN NOOYEN, JONATHAN ARDON, MENDEL SAMAYOA, and JUAN JOSE RODRIGUEZ are the artistic leaders in the new ART FUTURE movement. Inspired by the creative masters RUFINO TAMAYO, RODOLFO ABULARACH and ANTHONY QUINN. 

Visit our exclusive Gallery at the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 3A in Maastricht and experience the FUTURE ART Movement in real life.