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We grow your financial capital through art investments.
We improve your network with new valuable connections.
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THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY is helping more than 2.500 members worldwide to grow their financial capital through art.
Since 2019 we organise beautiful exhibitions in our exclusive art gallery, participate at the most luxurious art fairs and create unique private events at the houses of very important art collectors to help our members improve their network with new valuable connections.

THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY was the first modern art society which involved art collectors in creating collective output.
That's why more than 2.500 people worldwide are proud to be a active member who are focussed on the love for the new
innovative ART movement named FUTURE ART. 

FUTURE ART is the new generation Art movement. Very expressionistic, colourfull and open for fantasy. It's dynamic and full of life.
Behind the FUTURE ART movement is the ideology and philosophy of  nature, life and revolution. 

HAN NOOYEN, JONATHAN ARDON, MENDEL SAMAYOA, and ABDUL RAHIM SALEM are the artistic leaders in the new FUTURE ART movement. Inspired by the creative masters RUFINO TAMAYO, RODOLFO ABULARACH, YOUSEF AHMAD and ANTHONY QUINN. 

We invite you to visit our gallery, art fairs and private events to improve your network and grow your financial capital.

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