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Qatar Museums commisioned Dirk van Lierop & Alejandra Barillas to curate a group exhibition in Doha, Qatar.
1.THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY organizes private events at the houses of very important art col

The exhibition highlights the meaning and importance of unique art in our lives, portraying art as an expression of human emotions, creativity and spirituality.
It emphasizes how authentic art serves as a medium for connection, a way to bridge the gap between different cultures.

All artworks are unique, authentic and created from the heart.
The artists are inspired by nature, society & culture.

Art is about Art.
Curated by Dirk van Lierop & Alejandra Barillas
Doha, Qatar
Autumn 2024






THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY  is helping art collectors and investors worldwide with wealth management through exclusive art investments to grow their financial capital and improve their network with new valuable connections.

They are curating very important international exhibitions, managing artists and they have an extensive network of very import people in the alternative investments industry and art world.  For investment strategies and more information please contact :    0031 6 577 41 801 | 

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