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Revolution is calling!

Wyck Maastricht.jpg

We believe that artists light up our world. That is why THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY always invested everything into our exclusively selected artists to give them the opportunity to create artwork that will light up our world. 

Our belief is always expressed in the communication with our clients. We connect, support and create cultural events through Art to light up the world.  We believe that valuable Art is the perfect combination between a good technique and real expression from the soul from the Artist. 

Our organisation is characterized by a-lifelong warm relationship with our clients, our artists and our dedicated team of art specialists, photographers, models and event organizers. To slect our exclusive artists we work with a very strict ballotage team.

THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY was the first modern art organisation which involved artists in creating collective output. In this way we became such a strong organisation where people love to work in. We are convinced that the interaction from art collectors with art creators adds a unique layer of value to the artworks. 

That is why we give the artists a stage where they can show their artwork and interact with art collectors. In this way we help the artists with their struggle against their extreme self-isolation.  Artists have so much to give to the world that is why we believe people should interact more with them. We are proud that the FUTURE ART Movement started with artists from THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY.

Revolution is calling!! Our artists are rising up and creating artwork from the heart to light up our world. Come take a look at the FUTURE ART Collection at our exclusive Gallery on the Wycker Brugstraat 60 in Maastricht.

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