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Liberia 2022: "YEAR OF RETURN"

THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY - Project 2022 Year of Return.jpg
THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY - Project 2022 Year of Return 2.jpg

THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY is supporting the Bicentennial celebrations of Liberia with the Project 2022 “Year of return” in connection with the President of the Liberian community in the Netherlands. 

The Liberia project 2022: Year of return is a big succes! It is a great collaboration between: Artists, Diplomats, Organizers, Promotors, Politicians, Presidents, Models, Managers, Artlovers and Businessmen. If you want more information about the project you can contact the president of the Liberian comminity in the Netherlands. 

Nick President Holland Liberia 
Tel. 0031 6 86491183


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